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How can I send an invitation for negotiation?

How can I send an invitation for negotiation?

Dealsign has two different methods for contracting, negotiate & sign and sign-only. Sender can choose the way how to do contracts.

To send invitation for negotiations:

You can send a draft by clicking the pink "Send draft" button on the upper right panel on the draft editor. Go to Drafts > Select draft > Send draft.

When the sender creates draft and sends the "Invitation negotiate" invite to the receiver party, the receiver can edit and negotiate the document proposal and sign the document once it is ready for signing. Both parties need to agree the terms the other party is proposing before the signing can start.

Fill in the receiver details and select "Send".

Negotiate and sign contracts with Dealsign

Fill receiver party detail only, avoid adding your own email address to receivers.

Updated on: 09/03/2023

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