Getting Started with Dealsign Workspace Subscription

Here are steps by steps instructions how to get started with Dealsign for your company.

1. Signup

You can sign up for Dealsign using your email address and a unique password:

Signup and create an account:
If you got an email invitation, just click the invitation link and signup.

Signup Dealsign

2. Workspace Subscription

To start using Dealsign for your company, you need to subscribe a workspace account for your company:

To enter your billing details and start your paying Dealsign workspace account, you can go to Workspaces > Order new workspace.
Link to new workspace order form:

Workspace subscription

3. Invite Users and Manage Workspace Permissions

Here are the main shortcuts for you to invite users and manage permissions:

You can invite users to your workspace by adding the emails to the workspace access list, go Workspaces > Select workspace > Workspace access > Invite people > Select role.
As a workspace admin, you can add and remove users and manage user permissions.
You can also create Groups, subsets of the workspace user access list, go Workspaces > Select workspace > Groups > Add new group.
You can share your company templates and contracts easily with Workspace user list and Groups, you can go to Templates > Edit template > Team sharing & access > Invite groups.

Invite users and manage workspace user permissions
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