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How to import Word document as a template?


Start by checking your current Word contract that you have different formatting in use at your document:

The document has a title (in body text, not in header) and it has a unique styling (eg. Heading 1)
Sections have a unique style (eg. Heading 2).
If your document has a nested structure, containing sections and subsections, make sure that all subsections have a unique style (eg. Heading 3).

By selecting a unique style for the title, sections and subsections, Dealsign will be able to automatically identify it as the desired title for the document.

Dealsign templates can have a two level structure:
- Section 1
-- Subsection 1.1
-- Subsection 1.2
- Section 2
-- Subsection 2.1

You can use your Word editor to make sure your document has the required formatting for import to the Dealsign tool.

How to import

Upload your Word document

Go to and click the "Upload Word file" button in the "Import template from Word" box.

Import template from Word

Select or write a title for the template

You can either select the title from text or write it manually to the title field.

Select or write a title for the template

Mark the Sections in the document

Marking the section titles is the most important step in the importing process. After marking one title, the import tool automatically recognises the similar titles.

If your document has subsections, you can also mark them, or skip this if not.

Mark the Sections in the document

If you are not happy how the sections where marked, you can always return to your Word editor to redo the unique styles used for the document to have the required formatting and then use the "Upload new Word -document" step to update the contents of the import tool.

Add metadata

Metadata for the templates are:

Category - What business sector does this template represent?
Language - The language of the template
Country or region - In which country or region this template is legally applicable?

You can also write a short description what is the purpose of this template. This helps others in your company to know where and when this template should be used.


After filling out the metadata, you are now ready to continue to the "Template editor". In the "Template editor" you can continue formatting, making other changes, and customize your template to your needs.

How to Import Word Template Tutorial Video

Updated on: 05/09/2021

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