I received ”Invitation to negotiate” email. What do I need to do now?

Here are steps by steps instructions how to get started with your invitation to negotiate.

Dealsign is always free for the one who receives contract for signing. The sender of the invitation has subscribed to use Dealsign.

Once you have received an invitation to Dealsign, you can login, negotiate, sign and your contract is automatically stored in to the Dealsign contract archive and your login stays active. If needed, you may also download the document PDF for your own storage.

1. Signup

You can sign up for Dealsign using your email address and a unique password:

Signup and create an account: https://app.dealsign.ai/signup.
If you got an email invitation, just click the invitation link and signup with the same email address where you got the invitation.

Signup Dealsign

2. Negotiate & Sign Contracts

Here are the main shortcuts for you to negotiate and sign contracts:

Share the contract and invite your colleagues to access the contract, you can go to Documents > Negotiate > Select document > Team sharing & access > Invite people (email).
Negotiate and edit the contract, go to Documents > Negotiate > Select document > Agree / Edit.
Review and sign the contract, go to Documents > Negotiate > Select document > Review & sign > Start signing process.
Signing the contract, go to Documents > Waiting for signatures > Select document > Setup signers > Sign the document.
Archive the signed contract, go to My archive > Inbox > Select document > Edit document info > Change folder.
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