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Microsoft Defender™ Safe Links Whitelist

Microsoft Defender has a program feature called Safe Links. When turned on, it quarantines and scans any link received to protect the user. This program modifies the access link address which can kill the connection to the client's return.

The client can highlight the link in the email, copy it, and paste it into their browser and it will work as expected. If they receive multiple emails from us over the course of the year, they may want to add an exclusion for our URL to their Safe Links rewrite policy.

To do so, they need to log into their Safelinks policy center:

From here, they will want to create a custom Safe Links policy to allow our URLs through their threat protection unedited.

We have outlined the steps here:

Navigate to Threat management > Policy > ATP Safe Links in Security & Compliance Center.

Click Create on the Safe Links page.

The New Safe Links policy wizard opens.

Configure the following settings on the Name your policy page:
Name: Enter a unique, descriptive name for the policy.
Description: Enter an optional description for the policy.

Click Next.

Configure the following settings on the Settings page that appears:
Do not rewrite the following URLs: Allows access to the specified URLs that would otherwise be blocked by Safe Links.
In the box, type the URL or value that you want.
Add ** to this box. The asterisks act as wild cards.
Click [ + ].

Once completed, our links will be allowed to pass through Safe Links unedited, which will allow the client to be able to click the link directly in the future for all delivered links.

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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