If you are having problems using Dealsign, check this troubleshooting first:

1. Browser: Is your browser working properly?
We recommend using the updated Chrome browser.
Sometimes browsers don't synch with cloud properly, refresh and clear the browser cache:
Windows: Press CTRL + F5 / CTRL+ shift + F5.
Mac: Press command + shift + R.
Check your internet connectivity is working properly.
Turn off your VPN if you have VPN connection on.

2. Access rights: Do you have correct user access rights?
Verify you have logged in with correct username (email) and you have proper user rights to access the documents.
If you got email invitation to join Dealsign, make sure you use the same email in the registration.
Double check your browser's autofill functionality did not signup you with another email.
If necessary, you can change your email in the My Account settings page, or sign up with a correct email https://app.dealsign.ai/signup

Should you have any questions, please contact us through the chat or by sending an email to support@dealsign.ai
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